So you want to make it in crypto? So does everyone else

The road to hell is paved with good intentions



As I awake today, bleary eyed and confused, one singular thought pushes through the fog as the universe calls me into consciousness once again: “Why are my eyes so red today?” I think as the light from my phone stings my retinas. “Wait a minute” I say to myself….it’s not my eyes that are red….it just seems red because I am looking at the main page on Coinstats. The entire market is bleeding once again. My once proud portfolio, green and strong and indicating that yes, one day I too might make it, is now reduced by 66% and more with no sign of where the bottom is. While ETH may be holding steady-ish under the weight of this new bear market, my alt and shit coins show no indication that they have bottomed out or might go sideways for a while; to think that I would pray for them to crab makes me shudder in cold dark of this Saturday morning.

“Tomorrow will probably be worse” I sarcastically console myself. What can you do but laugh? There’s no way I could sell now. The crypto market seems to intuitively know when I sell…because whenever I sell, that is the bottom. Hell, I could probably save everyone the trouble and unload some of my positions today, almost guaranteeing the start of the next leg up. But I will not. This time I am holding until I make it, or zero, and I don’t really care what happens in between.

Over the past few months I have been fairly busy with a few different projects I am involved in. I have tried to help people at every turn, rarely denying a request from someone so long as I feel they are a decent person, or I know them through someone I trust. However, as a greenhorn solidity writer / developer, I am learning the darker side of the programming world. Not to mean that it has “changed me” or my internal principles….those will not change. What I mean is that no matter what kind of good nature I bring to crypto, I seem to be met with futility on all sides. I’ve made token contracts for people who I thought were good, and yet somehow they ended up rugging their respective communities or abandoning their project. I’ve spend countless hours helping people, even when I really didn’t have time to do so, only to end up realizing that I helped them cheat others, or cheated myself out of precious time.

On one project, I created the token contract reluctantly after the project owner laughed at me for my fee, 1 BNB + 1% of tokens (that was just my starting salvo, I was willing to negotiate). He laughed at me and told me “good luck” and off he went. A few days later, his friend messaged me and stated the contract they made up themselves had all sorts of problems, and would I agree to work with them again. I said “no” because I was laughed at, but after much pleading by them, I agreed to help out. I created the contract and was paid $500 + 10B coins. Since fate has a wonderful sense of humor, my contract also had a problem (I set the initial taxes at 25% rather than 2.5%….whoops!) and I ended up compensating all the presalers the difference out of my developer coins.

This shocked the people I was refunding. There were only about 5 of them, a group of friends that followed another friend into this investment. Every one of them thanked me and said things like “I can’t believe you are refunding me out of your own pocket, that never happens in crypto” and the like. It felt good to take responsibility for my mistake; after all the token hadn’t launched yet and the situation could have been much worse. So when everything looked good there, I went back to my main projects and forgot about that little side project I had helped out.

A few days later I went to check on the price. I had given up about 2.5B tokens in the reimbursement, but still had a good 7.5B and was wondering what they were worth. In the time since refunding those poor lads who were taxed 22.5% more than they should have been, the project got rugged. The two guys that begged, pleaded with me to help their project and paid me to do it, had scammed their community and investors out of about $8500. The telegram channel and my private direct messages were deleted. I had even worked out a lower price for their token contract audit since I am friends with an auditing outfit. But that didn’t matter anymore, they were gone.

This, my fellow readers, is but one story in the many stories that have happened since I started developing on the ethereum and bsc networks. I have many more stories to tell, some worse than this. I no longer make token contracts for people unless I am on the project and have some ownership/control over the funds, or work with trusted people who have a proven track record. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and at certain times I have been a crossing guard on that road, trying to direct traffic, when in all reality I have no business being there.

My good intentions are not enough to stop the bad intentions of others. This fact was known to me before I entered the crypto development world….I just had to be re-acquainted with it.

I am Nodezy, I develop for and projects. I am human. You can find me in the telegram chat for either project or email me at