So you want to make it in crypto? So does everyone else

As I awake today, bleary eyed and confused, one singular thought pushes through the fog as the universe calls me into consciousness once again: “Why are my eyes so red today?” I think as the light from my phone stings my retinas. “Wait a minute” I say to myself….it’s not my eyes that are red….it just seems red because I am looking at the main page on Coinstats. The entire market is bleeding once again. My once proud portfolio, green and strong and indicating that yes, one day I too might make it, is now reduced by 66% and more…

An old dog passes the torch reluctantly

The longer I am in crypto, the more I wonder if I’m really of sound mind. All I had to do was invest in a few good projects, sit back, and watch the sweet growth from the comfort of my bedroom office here in the States. Sure, some previous endeavors of mine didn’t pan out, but this time around it would be different: I would invest in solid projects with real roadmaps and potential for growth.

But if it were only that simple. Who among us can just “invest” in a coin and…

Tosa Inu is a breed of Japanese fighting dog

So there I was one night, hanging out in EllioTrades looking for my next 10x gem. I had been scrolling back to see if I missed anything (usually once I saw the same coin shilled twice, I knew I was all caught up). Hidden in that labyrinth of bagholders, moonbois, shillers and scammers, was a link to a telegram for this coin called “Tosa”. Being ever inquisitive and knowing that at any moment, any coin could either make me rich or steal all my money, I clicked. …

Hi, I’m Node_Z. Before you ask, yes, I am anonymous. I live in a country who’s crypto rules are arbitrary, vague, and can be used to prosecute anyone at any time, and for any reason if they really want to. I can’t tell you the name of the country, but its initials are “The United States of America”….haha.

Anyways, maybe someday I can come out of the shadows…however I strongly doubt it. The day the elite’s of the world decide that crypto can compete with the dollar is the day I will believe that I don’t live in the most…


Punished Programmer and Crypto Investor

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